Forklifts for Sale

Leicester Forklift trucks can supply a range of new forklift trucks, used forklift trucks or second hand forklift trucks. We can match your budget to supply you with the right forklift solution for your needs.....

New or Used?

If your forklift is used for more than four hours a day it is better to buy a new model. A new forklift will have technology advantages, be tolerant to abuse and harsh treatment, and provide greater long-term reliability.?If you have a heavy use forklift, then you should consider that operating and maintenance costs of used equipment may soon eradicate any initial savings.

If your budget does not stretch to new forklift trucks we can help find you the right option for you. We will be able to find used forklift trucks or second hand forklift trucks that can be tailored to your exact requirements. Many used forklifts are reconditioned with a paint job, new tyres, a thorough engine tune-up, and any other mechanical repairs necessary to make them a viable option.


Leicester Forklifts are CFTS Accredited

Leicester Forklifts are fully independent, and qualified to conduct a Thorough Investigation. You are therefore assured of an accurate and truthful report on the condition of your truck at the time of Examination. We will ensure that you are fully compliant with the Law.

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